Gregory P. Muzzillo founded Proforma in 1978 with a college friend. Within one year, the business they started with $200 grew to $250,000 and its client base to more than 300. By 1982, sales reached $1 million and Proforma was named in successive years to Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies - the only company in the business forms industry named to the list twice. 
To continue Proforma's rapid growth, Muzzillo developed the Proforma franchise model in 1986 - a network of independent distributors working together to build marketing clout and strong supplier relationships. This model proved successful, as Proforma, now in its fourth decade, has grown to a $500 million organization.
Brenda Angelini started a distributorship in 1998 with AIA. In 2010, she joined the Proforma network for the increased range of products and services to better care for her customers. Her focus has been on the Houston area. She was able to grow into a multi-million dollar company. Brenda is a tireless volunteer. She has been on several boards and the president of various organizations. She has received multiple awards for her role in growing the industry and helping increase the role of women in the workplace. 
Edward Martin started his career selling large custom print runs. After the company he worked for went bankrupt and he was laid off in 2010, he started a distributorship out of New Braunfels servicing Central and South Texas and New Mexico.  He was able to grow into a million dollar company. Edward has received multiple awards for innovative ideas he brought to the industry. He has been recognized by peers multiple times for his role in mergers & acquisitions and recruiting. He was named a PPAI Rising Star for being one of the top ten up and coming distributors in the nation.  
In 2021, the two companies merged to form Proforma Angelini, Martin & Associates. With this new venture the company is 30 people strong and has over $5 million in sales with offices and customers throughout all of Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Hawaii. With this team, they have the resources, experience and man power to be a single source for any printed product a company may need to grow their business. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to one of our dedicated reps who would love to help assist you in any way possible. 


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